The new collection SS18 comes with a new brand image, representing the crystallization of its true identity. Back to basics is the philosophy behind this change. The brand returns much more confident to its core values: high quality on materials and finishing, original design and thorough attention to detail, combining all this with a contemporary aesthetics.
Framed on a new brand image, and keeping the roots in Portugal, this collection brings together the long experience and know-how with the personal touch of a real team of creative mothers.

This change seems to offer the right opportunity to tell our story:
The children’s line was founded by a Portuguese family with a strong background in the textile industry.
For over 3 decades, we have collaborated with the preferred brands of several generations of moms and dads. “Think Small” has been our way of living since ever 🙂

The parenthood that all the family members experienced more than once took the professional activity to a different level. That’s how Play Up came to life 12 years ago, combining all this know-how with a personal and passionate view on the childhood and the process of growing up, and how all this is connected with the daily act of choosing an outfit.

Each collection is the product our greatest commitment, as we do with everything that concerns our children: we look for the best materials, we study the design very thoughtfully and we personally follow up all the production details, always with an eye on the trends.
As mothers and fathers, we know: for our children, nothing but the best!



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